A Decentralized Exchange on Stellar

Lumenswap is a decentralized exchange for the Stellar network that allows you to swap and trade assets on the network using a friendly, minimal interface.

Enjoy of Trading
Find the best prices

Lumenswap uses Horizon to choose the best rates for a trade based on the liquidity rates and the submitted order books on the network.

Fast and Low Costs

Lumenswap client is on the Stellar Network so it benefits from its features such as scalability and low fees.

Open and Decentralized

By default, all of the available public on the Stellar Network are also available for trade on Lumenswap. You can add whichever you want to Lumenswap and convert them to each other.

Support of Popular Wallets

For better accessibility, Lumenswap supports different wallets. Currently, you can use Rabet, Freighter, Albedo, and private keys.

Easily converting
Swap your assets

Swap any available assets on the Stellar at the best rate and path in a minimal environment.

Launch Swap
CEX experience
Create and manage orders

Make a trading pair with any two currency that’s available on the Stellar network. And start trading on a distributed network and use the order limit feature in your trades.

Launch Spot
increase your knowledge
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At Lumenswap we believe that we want to create a platform where every user around the world can enjoy making financial operations.